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14-Dec-2017 02:52

The Daily Beast, October 11, 2014Christians who support gay marriage are seven times more likely to approve of pornography, six times more likely to approve of promiscuity, and five times as likely to approve of adultery as compared to those who don’t.

The Global Dispatch, August 14, 2014A survey of 3000 UK families found that children as young as age two had been exposed to pornography, and the average age of first exposure was four.

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30% admit their performance at work suffers because of porn.As provided by Google’s Double Click Ad Planner, quoted by Extreme Tech.4-9-12Disturbing “new” trend: teens having group sex.From a survey taken by Robert Weiss, a counselor who works with sex addiction.

A survey of 487 male college students by researchers at the University of Arkansas found that the more young men watched porn, the more likely they were to use it during sex and request pornographic acts from their partner.12% of 12-13 year olds admitted to participating in a sexually explicit video.